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    Auto repairs backed by a 3-year.36,000-mile warranty
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    Jessup's Automotive Services - La Grange Park, IL
Jessup's Automotive Services, LLC, Auto Repair & Service, LA Grange Park, IL

Do you know how often your oil needs changed?

Oil change Jessup's AutomotiveMany automakers have extended the oil change interval from the traditional every 3,000 miles to often every 7,500 or 10,000 miles. This is great in terms of conserving oil and reducing emissions, but it doesn’t give you permission to ignore your oil.

It’s important to have your oil level and condition checked every time your car is serviced in case of leaks or in case your oil level sensor isn’t working. It’s also crucial to the health of your vehicle that the right type of oil is used. Extended-life oils are meant to take the abuse your car’s engine throws at it for longer time periods. Using a low-quality oil can have disastrous effects on your engine.

If you’re not sure how often your particular vehicle should have an oil change, check your owner’s manual or ask your Jessup’s Automotive technician. Many cars also feature an oil-monitoring system that takes engine load, trip length and average operating temperature into consideration. The system will alert you when the oil life is below a certain percentage.

You can count on Jessup’s Automotive checking your oil every time you visit us. We’ll also recommend the right type of engine oil and filter to keep your particular vehicle running optimally. Using the right oil and filter, even if they cost a little more, is less expensive than replacing your engine.

Need repairs completed? Schedule an appointment today or call 708-352-8800.

Your car will receive a comprehensive inspection during our oil changes, and then we’ll help prioritize any repair or maintenance needs you may have.

You never need an appointment for oil changes and other light auto maintenance services, such as tire rotations, fluid flushes and light bulb replacements. We can complete these services quickly, while you wait. And after every service at Jessup’s, including oil changes, you’ll drive home in a sparkling clean car from our free car wash!

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