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Jessup's Automotive Services, LLC, Auto Repair & Service, LA Grange Park, IL

Preventive Maintenance

Do you know how often your oil needs changed?

Oil change Jessup's AutomotiveMany automakers have extended the oil change interval from the traditional every 3,000 miles to often every 7,500 or 10,000 miles. This is great in terms of conserving oil and reducing emissions, but it doesn’t give you permission to ignore your oil.

It’s important to have your oil level and condition checked every time your… Continue reading

Is a transmission flush necessary?

Transmission Jessup's Auto

The transmission fluid on the left is the color you want to see. The old coffee on the right is the same color as transmission fluid that’s past its prime.

Question: I drive mostly locally. My car has about 75,000 miles on it. Do I really need to change the transmission fluid?

Answer: Extreme temperatures,… Continue reading

Replace your timing belt and save yourself money and headaches

Jessup's Automotive Timing Belt

Click on the photo to watch a video of how a timing belt works.

For many of us, replacing our vehicle’s timing belt isn’t a top-of-mind activity. But knowing when this critical engine part needs to be replaced can save you hundreds of dollars and a sudden, aggravating breakdown. Here’s why…

When it comes to… Continue reading

Save money on your car by performing regular preventive maintenance

Jessup's Auto preventive maintenanceQuestion: My owner’s manual lists a bunch of preventive maintenance items that are supposed to be completed regularly. Do I really need to follow that list? It seems like a lot of unnecessary time and expense.

Answer: Spending several hundred dollars every year on vehicles that seem to be running just fine doesn’t sound like… Continue reading

Resolve to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely!

Happy New Year! Do your New Year’s resolutions include taking great care of your car or truck this year? If so, we can help! Our auto technicians are the best of the best and you can rely on Jessup’s to make your service visit a pleasant, personable one.

Just in case you’re not aware, here… Continue reading

If your battery light pops on, you could be left out in the cold

There are a number of dashboard warning lights that can pop on at any minute. Everyone knows what the oil light and low fuel light are for, but a lot of them require pulling out the owners’ manual.

This month, we want to highlight the battery warning light. If this light is illuminated, there could… Continue reading

Winter will be here soon – is your car or truck ready?

Question: I keep seeing commercials about winterizing my car. I know this is not a warm sunny climate, but I already keep up with regular maintenance. Do I have to really do anything different for winter? What does “winterize” really mean?

Answer: Hard winter conditions can take a toll on our cars, so you do… Continue reading

Car too noisy? Leave the creepy sounds to the ghouls and goblins

Does your car sound possessed? Have you fondly nicknamed it Christine? Better get it checked out before the ghosts take over!

The kids are back at school (finally!), there’s a slight chill in the air and you’re seeing those festive packages of tempting little treats on display at the store. Yes, Halloween is still several… Continue reading

Get your battery checked so you don’t get stranded!

Question: I’ve had my car for awhile now, and I’ve never given the battery a second thought. Should I?

Answer: A car battery isn’t very different from a regular battery. If the battery in your cell phone dies, you’re not going to be making any calls. When your car battery is dead, your car isn’t… Continue reading

Summer is almost over: Plan a road trip today!

This is the third installment of some road trip possibilities to jumpstart your trip planning! Here are a few more to consider.

1. If you are looking for something urban, try Galena, Ill., in Jo Daviess County in the northwest part of the state. Shop Galena’s historic downtown was voted “Best Main Street” by… Continue reading

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