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    Jessup's Automotive Services - Your neighborhood auto repair experts
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    Expert Auto Technicians at Jessup's Automotive
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    Free car wash with every service
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    Auto repairs backed by a 3-year.36,000-mile warranty
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    Jessup's Automotive Services - La Grange Park, IL
Jessup's Automotive Services, LLC, Auto Repair & Service, LA Grange Park, IL

Our Reviews

Take a peek below at our client reviews from around the web…

Via letter…

“I have been a customer of Jessup’s since December of 2007 and have been highly satified with the service I have received. Any questions I have had have been been answered patiently and the service is great!”

–Dennis S., La Grange Park, IL 08/19/2013


From Yelp…

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“We’ve been very pleased with the service and speed in which our car gets repaired at Jessups.  Mike is great about calling with the status and often has it fixed right away.  Brian is so pleasant and knowledgable about what our car needs.  The prices are fair and the work is consistent.  Give them a try!”

–Janet G., La Grange Park, IL    07/05/2012

“I first went to Jessup’s when I moved to Brookfield from Oak Park in 2000. At the time I had a 1991 Chevy P/U that was beginning to need a bit more maintenance because Father Time was taking its’ toll. I am quite pro-active in getting preventative work done on my vehicle’s BEFORE anything goes wrong with them. I DO NOT want to break down on the side of the road, and Jessup’s handled all of my needs efficiently and professionally for a fair price. My P/U never had any problems through its mechanical maintenance life at Jessup’s. They kept it running no matter how hard I rid it, then put it up wet. I moved to Woodridge in 2005. Because of Jessup’s professional front desk attitude, and quality mechanical work, I continued to give them my business. I now have a 2003 Subaru Forrester that they maintain to my standards of vehicle maintenance. I may not travel as far as Sheboygan, but it is not in my direct path from my home to where I work either. I will continue to use them as my mechanics because I trust and believe they are doing the best work possible on my car at a competative price. The only reason I don’t give them a fifth star is because it is a bit challenging for me to get there from where I live now, but that was my fault, not theirs!! (If I could I would go another half-star!) I do practice preventative maintenance, and I know this goes a long way in my personal auto not needing any “extras” when it comes in for servicing. My Chevy was pretty much American built (Janesville, WI), while the Subaru is quite Japanese, and they’ve never balked at working on it simply because it was “foreign.” For whatever reason, America has fostered negative reviews of such establishments as used car salesmen, politicians, and mechanics shops. To be sure, there are those out there that are less than honest, but a business will not last that long if it doesn’t do proper work with a proper process behind the work. A strong part of that process are solid, hard working people behind it all, plugging away, day in, and day out. I truly do not believe that the employees of Jessup’s wake up in the morning thinking, “Hmm…who can I screw over today?” Is there a perfect system anywhere in the world? I doubt it. If anyone out there does knows of one, please enlighten the rest of us. Until I can afford a new car every 2-3 years, they will continue to get my business. Thank You.”

–Aaron R., Woodridge, IL    04/09/2012


“Two great guys Brian Vaupell and Scott Lewis at Jessups helped me with my car today in such a way it felt like a miracle…I was driving to an important meeting when my back passenger tire started wobbling…I stopped by Jessups that was along my way, I was never there before and was pleasantly supprised with the quality of service I got…Brian and Scott diagnosed the problem and fixed it in no longer than 20 minutes. I was back on the road safely and made it to my meeting on time. Thank you for the excellent  service.”

Gordana P., La Grange Park, IL    03/13/2012


“My experiences with Jessup’s over the past 9 years and been professional, friendly and courtesy. When I bring my Infinity or Suburban in for service at Jessup’s Auto, I usually get an estimated. Either Brian or someone from the shop will call to tell me otherwise. What I also like about Jessup’s…is there mechanics; they take the guessing out.  In the past, I use to own a limousine service, finding a good shop is important to me as well as my customers. I will continue to use Jessup’s Auto Service. Keep up the good work!

–Jerry G., Riverside, IL    3/1/2012


“Rick C.  Lagrange Park Resident

I find people are most likely to write bad reviews of service when they are dissatisfied.

I read the previous Yelps and thought I would see for myself what the service is like with the new management at Jessup’s. I found the staff friendly, knowledgeable and proud of the work they do. The shop was clean, organized and up to date with newer equipment. Great Service at a fair price… and a asset to the neighborhood!”

Rick C., La Grange Park, IL   02/17/2012


“I stopped in to see if I could get an oil change and they were able to take me right away.  It turns out they have one bay dedicated just to quick service customers.  I was waiting in the waiting room and thought perhaps I should get my tires rotated while I was there and asked about that.  Much to my surprise and appreciation they said they had checked that out and I didn’t need a tire rotation until my next oil change.  That’s a first–a shop that tells you you don’t need something!  After a nice free car wash I was on my way.  Much nicer than a quick oil change place and real mechanics in case something really does need attention.”

–Katherine B., La Grange Park, IL    08/10/2011


“We received GREAT SERVICE. The people who helped us were the BEST. They were VERY FAIR in everything they did for us. We will do business with them again.”

–Rodney W., Addison, IL    08/1/2011


“We have been customers for over 20 years — even before our three children could drive.  Not only had Jessup’s serviced our vehicles, but we have entrusted them with the care and maintenance of our teenage/college students’ vehicles.  We have had NO complaints!!  Mike Jessup is truly an informed, knowledgeable, honest businessman.  Stan, who runs the flow of work from the front desk, is the backbone of the operation.  The mechanics are experts and highly skilled in their craft.  We credit them for keeping our 2005 Scion XB running for over 163,000 miles!  They offer reasonable, practicable, honest, and affordable solutions to our automotive needs. Thank you!!!”

–P.M. C., Brookfield, IL    07/27/2011


“My car died and I left it in the parking lot of Giordanos on Cermak early Saturday morning. On Saturday at 12:30 I called Jessups to ask for a tow. I spoke to Mike who couldn’t have been more friendly. Even though they close at 2:00, they brought in my mini-van and had it ready to go by 2:00, and they stayed open until I was able to get there and pick it up. Fast and friendly and not to expensive. I will use them again.”

–M.A., La Grange Park, IL    07/23/2011


“I just got my 2002 Toyota Sienna Symphony back from Jessups and I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER!  My car is brand new again!!! I called for a complete 100,000 mile work up along with a short list of other things that needed some attention. I originally made an appointment with a Toyota dealer but after doing a little shopping, I got a better deal and WAY better service from Jessups!  One example, the dealer had told me I needed a new $350 rear  wiper motor, even though you could hear the motor working, the wiper blade didn’t move. Jessups easily fixed my wiper without replacing anything! They went over my car with a fine tooth comb, even replacing a few burned out bulbs throughout the car. They also called me for verification before any of the work was performed. As Toyota suggested, I replaced the timing belt and water pump but also,  I got a complete tune up, belts, plugs, transmission and radiator flush, etc.   While my car was there, they even took it across the street for me, to Mike Jessups brother, to replace some blown speakers!  Did I mention I got a free car wash complete with armor all on the tires? Talk about full service!  I highly recommend this shop! They will be seeing me through my Toyota’s next 100,000 miles!! Great job guys!”

Heather H., Channahon, IL    07/04/11


“I have brought my cars to Jessup’s for four years.  I have always received excellent service at a reasonable price.  I have never had a problem with any of the work performed and know that they are replacing only what is necessary.  I transport 3 little children every day and Jessup’s gives me peace of mind that my car is in good working order.  They have brought me to work and dropped me off at home when my car was being repaired.  They have also provided a car for me to use free of charge when my car needed extensive repairs.  The staff are always professional, helpful, and friendly.  I recommend them to my co-workers and friends knowing they won’t be disappointed.”

–Britte Z., Westchester, IL    06/28/2011


“My car suddenly died about a quarter mile from Jessups. After pushing the car into their shop, Jessup’s guys made a quick repair (less than 5 minutes) and didn’t charge me anything. Plus, he gave me a free car wash. What a guy! I definitely know where I’m taking my car next!”

–John D., La Grange Park, IL    06/19/2011


“I ordered tires from Tire Rack and saw Jessups was an approved installer. I drove past the place and it looked very professional. The day the tires arrived Jessups, called me and we arranged for installation the next day. Once I arrived, they took my car right in and started the work. Since things were rolling along smoothly, I had them do an oil change too. When the car was on the rack, they pointed out to me the stabilizer links were missing. They gave me a good price to put new ones on and it only took an extra half hour (they had to wait for the parts to be delivered). After all the work was done, they gave me a complimentary car wash…nice touch! The quality and efficiency of Jessups service was second to none. I think I finally found my ‘go to’ mechanic.”

–Alan K., Chicago, IL    06/08/2011


“Jessup’s has been a life saver for me. I’m very greatful they were able to help me with my automotive needs. My car needed repair and before they even started work on it they explained what needed to be done and when it was multiple issues they even suggested what needed crucial attention first. They worked with my budget and had a loaner waiting for me this way I didn’t have to miss work. I’ve been a faithful customer and will continue to do so. Thank you Mike and Stan and the whole crew you are appreciated more than you know.”

Marisol C., Berwyn, IL    06/02/2011


“Went there for tires. They actually recommended a less expensive brand for my car than I wanted.  Did some homework.  The less expensive tires were fine for my car”

–Tom A., Palatine, IL    06/02/11


“I don’t normally post on any websites, but after reading a negative review about this business, I felt I should post.
I had a very satisfying experience with Jessups. I had taken my car to several other shops for a check engine light problem. The other shops were able to read the code and reset the light, but were unable to actually fix the problem. The light would stay off for a few trips, then come back on. A friend of mine recommended Jessups based on his experience.
As it turned out, the part that had failed was not in the same category as the code readers were indicating. The shop needed a very expensive GM factory scan tool to actually run special tests to determine the actual cause of the light coming on. They fixed it! If I had known that this shop had all the factory tools when other shops didn’t, I would have gone there first. Their shop was very clean as well. No more check engine light. Now I can get through the emissions test.”

J.P., La Grange, IL    03/26/2011


“I had a problem with my car’s starter, which had just been replaced 6 months prior by another mechanic. They told me that the starter being fried also fried my battery, and took care of the problems quickly and efficiently. they helped me to get my car to original mechanic to replace the starter (which was under warrantee) and warned me about all of the crap the other mechanic would try to pull (which happened exactly as they said it would). They’ve won my business through honesty and their williness to earn my business through their work.”

–Cameron B., Oak Park, IL   02/24/2011


“I have been going to Jessups for years for regular repairs on my car.  I have even used them as a second opinion, even after moving out of the area.  They’ve given me good service, decent pricing and always warned me about future repairs.  I have not visited their new location.  I recommend their shop to anyone.”

–Susan S., Roselle, IL    01/08/11


“I have owned a 1989 Olds Regency Broughm since my mother stopped driving in 1996.  Thanks to  the timely maintenance reminders and parts replacements from water pumps to axels from Jessups, my Olds finally retired to a parts yard with 313,000 miles on it.  That’s unusual for an American car.  Thanks Jessups and thanks General Motors.  I just bought another Olds with 17,000 miles on it.  We’ll see how far this one goes.”

–Richard A.L., Sheboygan, WI   01/03/2011


From Tire Rack…

08/12 – Have used Jessup’s multiple times and always excellent service and quality of work

03/12 – Great work and on my way home in time for dinner.

06/11 – Jessups was great! Everything was on time for my appointment. In and out in less than two hours which included special balancing and glue on weights rather than the steel clamp weights and that scratch and crush the wheel finish and the subsequent corrosion of the alloy wheel under the paint causes rim leak problems. Everything to be done was explained carefully. Workmanship was done with great care and attention. A surprise was that my Honda van was washed prior to me getting it back with the new mounted tires! ! ! !

Will I go back you bet! Not only for tire mounting but other service too!

Tom Pearson

04/11 – They were very professional. Took my vehicle right away and the car was done in about an hour. They even offered to wash the vehicle if I wanted. Would return for other service.

11/10 – I have used Jessup’s previously and have always appreciated their service and recommendations. I did have sticker shock this time at the cost of mounting and balancing each tire $160 for all 4 tires. Granted they performed a normal balance and the rolling balance but it was still more than I expected. In the future I will probably look for one of your other preferred installers for mounting and balancing.

01/10 – Excellent service. Hunter Road Force balancing available.

06/09 – Very professional operation. Thank you Stan! Highly recommended.

09/08 – I really like the work these folks do. They are also nice accommodating people especially Stan.

01/08 – Jessup’s couldn’t be better! They called me immediately when my tires arrived. It was easy to schedule an appointment. I was in a hurry this morning and asked Stan if they could get my car done in an hour. He put two techs on my car and had me out of there in 40 minutes! I will DEFINITELY go back. Jessup’s is fantastic!



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