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Hours: Mon-Fri 8 am to 6 pm

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    Jessup's Automotive Services - Your neighborhood auto repair experts
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    Mike Jessup
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    Expert Auto Technicians at Jessup's Automotive
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    Free car wash with every service
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    Your Service Manager - Brian
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    Auto repairs backed by a 3-year.36,000-mile warranty
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    Jessup's Automotive Services - La Grange Park, IL
Jessup's Automotive Services, LLC, Auto Repair & Service, LA Grange Park, IL

Our History

Ron and Jerry Jessup started Jessup's in 1958.There was a time when the owner of your service station came out to visit as he filled your tank with ethyl and cleaned your windshield. When someone pulled up to a pump in the next driveway, a bell would ring twice inside the station.

If you can still hear that bell, you might also remember the services you received without asking: checking your oil, washing your windshield, checking and filling the air in your tires. Today, we don’t sell gasoline, but we continue to provide these services, anytime, while you wait, and without charge.

Ron and Jerry Jessup started the service business that carries our family name in an era when service included caring about people as well as their cars. I grew up in this business and I love it as much as my dad did then. He was serious about service, and so am I. Ron Jessup, Jerry Jessup and young Mike Jessup.

We have an old fashioned attitude about how we care for your vehicles. We listen well and we’ll always do our best to keep your vehicles safe, reliable and performing as their makers intended. Our auto technicians are all well trained and certified. Our diagnostic equipment and service systems are the best in the business, which is why we can offer a 3-year/36,000-mile nationwide repair¬† warranty.

We hope we have a chance to meet you soon.

Mike Jessup
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